When it comes to brides and weddings getting the flowers has to be one of the top things after her finding her dress. SuEllen’s Floral Company feels very lucky to be a part of such a beautiful addition to the wedding.

There is a lot of communication that takes place between brides and the florists they are interested in. Some of our brides find us and some of our brides we look for. We have many different ways that we go about this. We use very prestigious wedding apps such as the Knot and Wedding Wire, just to name a few. We also attend bridal show expos where the brides come to us (these are so much fun) and last but not least we have many brides that are familiar whether it be because of family or they are our regular customers. It just so happens that it’s no known secret to many of our brides that our florist is well established in the area of SWFL.

When we use the apps the brides are allowed to reach out to florists in the area of where they are planning their wedding. Our wedding radius is quite far, probably 50 miles in all directions. Some of our brides are from near and far. The apps help us connect and see if we are a good fit for each other. It is up to us when a bride reaches out that we respond quickly and efficiently. We work hard constantly to let our brides know what we offer and how we can help. After we reach back out to brides after they find us we start working on wedding style, colors, types and quotes. This process can be long because as planning goes changes are always made, we like to stay flexible and open with the floral giving our brides the freedom to not feel so much pressure with planning florals. We work hard to help our brides see  what we will do for them and see what we have done. We want our brides to have the utmost confidence that our floral experience will be beyond beautiful as well as everything they have ever wanted in their bouquets. 

We constantly work on the process of taking photos, uploading photos and building a glorious portfolio to show the weddings we have been a part of. Throughout these photos we try to capture all of the types of weddings we do large, small or even pretty in pink to dark and vampy wedding floral. We have done many types of floral ranging through all the genres of floral, taste and style. It is quite fun to see a bride’s personal style show through with the wedding floral of their choice.

So since some of our brides are planning their weddings from afar this helps us connect and get to know each other. Some of our other brides that find us there are able to come into our florist after our first initial online messages or phone calls. Some of our brides that we work with over the planning stages we don’t meet until the day of their wedding or a few days prior depending on their travels. It is quite the rush when connecting with brides over a year span of time and them arriving at their wedding venue holding the bouquet of their dreams while. All of this while  also meeting them for the first time but although you are already good friends from all the texting, phone calls and emails sent between and up until this point.

 The brides we meet in person come in and just like any other consultation we talk about what we have to offer which is no secret flowers! 

At our florist we have fresh and beautiful blooms arriving daily so we are always ready to show off our flowers. We often show our brides into our grand cooler that holds and keeps all of these blooms fresh. It is nice for them to see what we carry and where some of the options of floral choice begin. It’s a sweet feeling when showing off what we carry and there is all “ooooohsss and ahhhhhs” because everything we have is just everything that they are looking for. Those small moments with a bride add up to the big picture of making a great florist to bride connection.

The wedding week is always exciting. We have fresh flowers arriving all week and set aside just for this celebration. All of our weddings differ so the amount of wedding florals that each wedding gets is different. Some of our weddings are very large, some are just a bouquet and boutonniere. We offer so many different pieces for weddings, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, table arrangements, floating candles, arch arrangements and arch rental itself there are many more the list doesn’t end there. Just ask us and we would love to tell you all about it.  

It is very rewarding to see the outcome of all of our hard work as well as the many friendships made through the beauty of flowers. Many brides return after their weddings to purchase more floral for different occasions in life. It is beautiful to see the progression of life through flowers. The flowers for a first date, then the wedding flowers then flowers for a new baby joining their family. Our florals bring such fulfillment to everyone we forever look forward to working with every new  bride and every client we get the pleasure to meet.

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