By definition, the centerpiece is the most important part of (something.) So that means that the centerpieces you choose for your wedding are (at least one of) the most important part(s) of your wedding.

Centerpieces set the tone for an entire wedding. 

That puts those centerpieces in a whole different spotlight!


The ceremony is over and it’s finally time for dinner and celebration. As you are off taking pictures, all of your guests head to their tables.

While they wait for you to be introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs., they meet their fellow table-mates and admire all of your decorations and months of planning.

What you might not realize in all of that planning is that the decoration that they’ll see for the longest amount of time is the centerpiece.

Traditional floral centerpieces are a major cost, though, and typically only last for that one day.

But there are alternative wedding centerpieces that are budget-friendly and long-lasting. For instance, there are lanterns for vintage weddings, mason jars for a rustic theme, and gorgeous, fancy, tall designs for elegant fairytale-style weddings. 

Candle lights for romantic weddings

Candlelight automatically makes everything feel more romantic, dramatic, and special. Candlelight creates a glow that cannot be duplicated with anything else and you almost cannot use it enough.

Be sure to check with your venue on their rules and regulations for using candles before proceeding.

Lanterns for vintage weddings

Lanterns give you a vintage touch and are beautiful all on their own or paired with fresh flowers and candles.

They make a very noticeable statement in the room and carry a sense of nostalgia, which makes them perfect for a vintage wedding.

Rustic wedding centerpieces

If you are planning a rustic wedding, you have many options at your fingertips when it comes to decorating.

Think wood, lace, mason jars, baby’s breath, and burlap. Combine these ideas together to make truly memorable centerpieces for your big day.

Dramatic tall designs

Tall designs can be utilized in any wedding theme. Ideally, you will want to have three types of centerpieces at your reception. Two low looks and a tall look.

Avoid doing all tall because they lose how special they are and they tend to block views.  Nevertheless, they make a WOW factor that just can’t be beaten.


SuEllen’s Floral Company can create beautiful centerpieces for your wedding in any price range. 

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