Lilac flowers are a true sign that spring has arrived in full force. Most lilac trees and shrubs produce their bloom mid-spring.

The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs

Once the blooms open, this striking shrub is hard to miss. The flowers often come in shades of purple and white. They emit a lovely and potent fragrance. Their distinct aroma is strong enough to be picked up at quite a distance. The sweet scent of lilac being carried through a warm spring breeze is enough to bring pleasure to anyone on even the greyest day.

Lilacs are wonderful plants for the yard. Many residential properties use lilacs throughout their landscape to provide shade in the garden. For the ultimate impact, try pruning your lilac into an umbrella shape. Then use the open garden space below to plant a shade garden.

The Meaning of Color

Lilacs represent spring and renewal. Lilacs can also be used to symbolize confidence. Like many other flowers, though, the color of the lilac changes the meaning and what the flower represents.

Here is an outline of what each color means. Sending someone the correct color is a great way to deliver a truly personalized message.


The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs

Blue lilacs are popular as cut flowers, but it is very hard to find shrubs that flower in blue. The blue flowers symbolize tranquility and happiness.

While many varieties of lilac are rather large shrubs, Wedgewood Blue is much smaller, making it a good choice for tighter landscapes. 

Use blue lilacs in arrangements for hostess gifts or housewarming gifts.


The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs


Finally, light purple or lilac-colored lilacs symbolize first love. 

Gift your first love the gift of a lilac bouquet to represent your new and exciting relationship.



The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs

Magenta lilacs are some of the showiest flowers a lilac shrub produces. Their bright coloring represents love and passion.

The buds are more of a red color, and the flowers are magenta purple. As each bud opens in its own time, you’ll have a gorgeous bicolor mix

Consider including lilacs in the bouquets and centerpieces of a spring wedding.



The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs

Violet lilacs represent spirituality. They are wonderful when included in a bouquet for christenings and confirmations.

The spirituality does not necessarily refer to only the Christian faith. Violet lilacs can be used to symbolize any person’s spirituality, regardless of faith.



The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs

the meaning of white lilacs is similar to that of most white flowers. White lilacs represent innocence and purity. Because of their meaning, white lilacs are appropriate in bouquets for new mothers.

They also make for an excellent addition to wedding bouquets to represent the purity of a couple’s love. White lilacs may also be used as a funeral flower. The sense of purity and innocence may be used to help the soul pass on to the afterlife.


Lilacs are perfect both in your garden and when used in bouquets and arrangements. They are beautiful, fragrant spring flowers that are appropriate gifts for just about any occasion. Consider planting one in your garden today and experience the beauty for yourself.

The Blooming Blog:  Lovely Lilacs


  • Lilacs are part of the olive tree family.
  • Lilacs are the official flower for the 8th wedding anniversary.
  • You may recognize the fragrance of lilacs in many cosmetics and perfumes. It is also a popular scent for bubble baths and bath bombs.
  • Lilacs are also pressed into essential oils. Their oils have been used as remedies for skin disorders and bacterial infections.
  • Lilacs are also popular for aromatherapy to promote relaxation and to fight symptoms of depression.


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