There are so many different styles and arrangements of boutonnieres because there are so many unique and amazing flowers from which to choose! Here are some of the more unique boutonniere choices that you might consider for your wedding. This should help all the men out there look their very best!

Unique Boutonniere Choices


Dahlias represent endless commitment and lasting bonds and make the perfect wedding boutonniere. These flowers are bushy in nature and can grow in various sizes – from petite sizes of pom poms to a diameter enough to cover a dinner plate.

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: If you want a boutonniere that can match the dreamy sun, pick light colors of dahlia, such as peach or yellow-orange. Show just a short inch of stem. No need for extravagant ropes and ribbons, just choose a tie that is color-coordinated with the dahlia boutonniere. 

Unique Boutonniere Choices


Untainted love and joy – these are the two symbolic meanings that are associated with gardenias. They have a grace that is worth noticing and a scent that is unbelievably intoxicating. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Choose a white gardenia flower adorned with guinea fowl feathers and white satin ribbon. 


Unique Boutonniere Choices

If you’re looking for a boutonniere that screams uniquely stylish, then a gomphrena boutonniere is the answer. It has a distinct rounded shape and comes in both deep and vibrant shades. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Pink and purple gomphrena flowers may sound too feminine for a boutonniere, but once you pin them on the suit’s lapel along with a succulent, you’ll see the magic that it can create.  


Unique Boutonniere Choices

Though you might not be familiar with them, hydrangeas actually grow easily and abundantly. These blooms often denote heartfelt emotions and compassion. These boutonniere flowers come in a variety of colors, but the most popular among the list are the blue and white hydrangeas. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Soft tones of blue hydrangea go well with another flower with a much lighter hue, such as a single stem of ivory rose. Complete the boutonniere with fillers like myrtle or eucalyptus. 


Unique Boutonniere Choices

Lavenders are probably most recognized for their captivating fragrance, but their fascinating appearance and foliage are also worth the attention. The good thing about them is that they are ideal as wedding boutonnieres even if the petals haven’t completely spread yet. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: If you’re aiming for a classy appeal, pick a lavender in full bloom and match it with a  But if you’d rather want to make a fashion statement, you won’t go wrong with dried English lavender, the one with miniature petals, with its stem wrapped in thick twines.


Unique Boutonniere Choices

“Love’s first emotions.” – this statement encapsulates what lilacs mean. They grow all year round so you won’t have to struggle in finding them for your wedding. A collection of lilacs look great in a bridal bouquet, but so can they in a tiny boutonniere. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Violet lilacs are the most popular flower of choice in terms of visuals. Pair the blooms with a single bloom in off-white wrapped in a poly ribbon with leaf prints. 


Unique Boutonniere Choices

Lisianthus, also known as paper roses, are among the flowers that are in high demand for special occasions such as weddings. It can be quite difficult to grow, but once you see it in full bloom, it creates a striking sight and a rewarding feeling as if you’ve just seen a precious gem that is quite rare to find. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Lisianthus flowers commonly have cool tones. White most especially creates a sophisticated appearance when paired with greens with a waxy texture and entwined in a paper ribbon. 


Unique Boutonniere Choices

Use a peony boutonniere to symbolize love and hope for a better future ahead. These flowers, especially the herbaceous ones, can grow abundantly and have a lifespan of up to a hundred years or more.

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: A plush peony boutonniere is hard to beat. Whether you opt for a muted pink or a white peony, the greens that go with it can do the tricks. Be sure to add a finishing touch of velvet ribbon to achieve a chic yet lush look. 


Unique Boutonniere Choices

If you’re the type of couple who loves going with the trend, then a sunflower boutonniere is for you. Beyond the vibrant yellow lies the deep meanings of faithfulness and adoration. Sunflower boutonnieres are a bright idea when you’re planning a garden or rustic-themed wedding. 

Wedding Boutonniere Idea: Since sunflowers already have popping colors, you need to pair them with a more neutral tone. One fine example would be a bundle of adorable baby’s breath. 



SuEllen’s Floral Company can create beautiful, unique, custom-made boutonnieres for your wedding in any price range. 

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