When the blooms of summer begin to fade, it is time to set out annuals and prune back perennials to create a new flush of color for the winter months.

The climate in Florida allows its gardeners to enjoy blooms all year long. In most parts of Florida, gardeners can have blooming plants throughout the year. While gardeners to the north are mulching their flower beds and preparing their plants for the long winter sleep, gardeners in the sunshine state are preparing for another colorful bloom season.

This does not just happen. It takes a bit of preparation to have blooms all year long. Choosing the right plants for your zone and creating an area in the garden for plants to thrive will ensure success.

There are a few key points to keep in mind if you want healthy blooming plants in the ‘off season‘.

Tips for Preparing a Florida Garden for Fall and Winter


Soil should be built up with organic matter which will add and help retain the nutrients plants need to produce blooms.

Tips for Preparing a Florida Garden for Fall and Winter


Provide plants with a slow-release fertilizer or a weekly dousing to the roots from an organic compost tea mixture. This will make your plants very happy and they will reward you with many colorful blooms to enjoy.





Tips for Preparing a Florida Garden for Fall and Winter

Regular watering is essential because winter is the dry season in the sunshine state. Long-time gardeners already know that, from about November through April, rainfall is sparse, which makes soaker hoses and sprinklers a must-have.

Using a soaker hose is much more efficient than using a sprinkler. Water from a soaker hose goes directly to the roots of the plants without evaporating like the spray that comes from a sprinkler.

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